2nd Shift Material Handler
Applied Laser

Summary of Position

Location: Weston, WI
Status: Full Time Position

Responsible for ensuring that production personnel and equipment are consistently supplied with materials and the handling and organization of those materials by performing the following duties.

Application Deadline: 01/31/2018 OPEN

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Main Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Maintains an awareness of what materials, production personnel, and equipment will be needed and ensures that they are all delivered early enough to prevent any lapse in productivity.*
  2. Loads and unloads materials, pallets, and other items from equipment, trucks, and storage areas utilizing forklifts, pallet jackets, or any other means necessary.*
  3. Ensures that materials are clearly labeled before taking them to their destination.*
  4. Guarantees to the best of your ability that materials are going to the correct location.*
  5. Makes sure parts are quickly delivered to the following operation.*
  6. Ensures proper separation, handling, and organization of all scrap materials.*
  7. Identifies visual and dimensional defects and ensures that potential problems are effectively communicated to your department lead or supervisor.*
  8. Handles the proper completion of all manufacturing and inspection documentation as required by company policies.*
  9. Contributes to any team with which you are working to ensure consistent product and cooperative communication.
  10. Identifies and/or cooperates with potential opportunities for efficiency/productivity increases and cost reduction strategies.
  11. Ensures absolute compliance with safety and personal protective equipment requirements.
  12. Maintains a clean and organized work area.
  13. Strives to assume the company’s commitments as your won and fulfills them with a sense of pride and urgency.
  14. Performs other duties as requested by your supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities / Essential Functions

  • Knowledge of current department machine componentry
  • Ability to keep the machines operating at a basic level
  • Knowledge of the safety limitations of department machines
  • Knowledge of commonly used sheet metal sizes and alloys and their properties as relative to departmental machinery
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Team oriented
  • Independent
  • Ability to perform beyond the minimum job requirements and expectations
  • Ability to take ownership of your decisions and take responsibility for their outcome
  • Ability to travel as required

Job Description