We are proud to showcase the launch of our latest website, On Point Solutions. On Point Solutions provides best-in-class metal fabrication equipment, as well as project management, factory automation and lean manufacturing consulting for manufacturers throughout the nation. We excel at helping customers produce more quality parts at the lowest cost (more)

We are proud to showcase the launch of a new eCommerce website, Heil Harvest of Marathon City, WI. For four generations the Heil family has been farming the rich, fertile soil of centralWisconsin. Through conscientious farming, we are proud to raise and harvest high quality Wisconsin-Grown American ginseng. Click here to visit (more)

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Northern Lites Snowshoes recently added their product line to shop.manufacturedinwisconsin.com. Check out their amazing products, and buy with confidence, knowing they were proudly manufactured in Wisconsin! Click here to shop now, http://shop.manufacturedinwisconsin.com/shop/northern-lite-snowshoes/

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We are excited to announce the launch of shop.manufacturedinwisconsin.com. This site is dedicated to helping Wisconsin manufacturing companies showcase and sell their products locally, regionally, nationally and globally, without the cost and time required to run a successful eCommerce store. Support Wisconsin manufacuring, and Shop Now!